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Management of Alcohol & Drug Problems

Management of Alcohol & Drug Problems

  • Author: Hulse, G., et al
  • ISBN: 9780195513318
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The Management of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems clearly and succinctly provides an up-to-date resource on this topic. It introduces the fundamentals of alcohol and drug misuse as applied to a clinical setting, complete with assessment, diagnostic, and management strategies and tools. The book is organised into four main parts: * the first part sets the context for drug use, including historical aspects, aetiology, assessment, and general treatment considerations * the second part provides details of drugs used, their pharmacology, epidemiology, and specific ways of assessing and treating the problems arising from misuse of each drug * the third part applies the knowledge gained so far by closely examining specific populations in which drug and alcohol issues are especially problematic * the last part is a concise review of specific issues that arise during clinical practice, including aspects of safe prescribing and clinical practice The book presents scholarly information in an understandable and readable format by Australian and New Zealand experts in the field and combines theory and clinical practice. Case histories are used to illustrate important clinical issues, and key practice points and further reading help to guide readers. The Management of Alcohol and Other Problems is written for medical practitioners in training, but is also intended as an evidence-based reference text for medical staff of all levels of experience. Contents: Part 1: General Issues History of Drug Use and Drug Policy Responses--Margaret Hamilton & Gavin Cape Why Do People Use Drugs?--Ross Young & Gerald Feeney Medical and Psychosocial Problems--John Saunders & Ross Young Assessment and Diagnosis--John Saunders & Ross Young Identifying Treatment Options--Gary Hulse, Jason White & Katherine Conigrave Part 2: Specific Substances Opioids--Ross Young, John Saunders, Gary Hulse, Stuart McLean, Jenny Martin & Geoff Robinson Tobacco--Stuart McLean, Robyn Richmond, Olga Lopatko, John Saunders & Ross Young Central Nervous System Stimulants--Noeline Latt, Jason White, Stuart McLean, Simon Lenton, Ross Young & John Saunders Cannabis--Fraser Todd, Stuart McLean, Henry Krum, Jennifer Martin & Jan Copeland Alcohol--Olga Lapatko, Stuart McLean, John Saunders, Ross Young, Geoff Robinson & Katherine Conigrave Sedative-Hypnotics--Gavin Cape, Gary Hulse, Geoff Robinson, Stuart McLean, John Saunders, Ross Young & Jennifer Martin Hallucinogens--Jason White, Jennifer Martin, Henry Krum, Stuart McLean, Ross Young & John Saunders Part 3: Specific Populations The Injecting Drug User--Gary Hulse, Maria Basso & Alex Wodak The Poly-Drug User--Ken Curry & Stan Theodorou Adolescence--Doug Sellman & Daryle Deering Women and Substance Abuse--Glenys Dore An Approach to Substance Misuse Problems among Indigenous Australians--Dennis Gray, Sherry Saggers, Gary Hulse & David Atkinson Working with Maori who have Alcohol and Drug-related Problems--Paul Robertson, Terry Huriwai, Tuari Potiki, Rosemary Friend & Mason Durie The Elderly--Moira Sim, Mary Surveyor & Gary Hulse Coexisting Alcohol and Drug Use and Mental Health Disorders--Fraser Todd Professional Issues--Moira Sim, Eric Khong, Gary Hulse, Rosemary Friend & Gavin Cape Index

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