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Child Development: A Cultural Approach 1E

Child Development: A Cultural Approach 1E

  • Author: Arnett, Jeffrey
  • ISBN: 9781488620744
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Provides students with a portrayal of development covering the whole amazing range of human cultural diversity around the world, with particular attention to Australia and New Zealand. Cultural approach: with close attention to development in our own part of the world as well as beyond. Child development is protrayed as it takes place across all the different varieties of cultural patterns that people have devised in response to their local conditions and the creative inspiration of their imaginations. Local and global focus: explores a balance of examples of research from Australia, New Zealand, the US, and throughout the world, students will learn how culture shapes human development at all stages of the lifespan. Dedicated coverage of toddlerhood and emerging adulthood: two separate chapters providing specific coverage of the crucial developmental changes, and the influence culture can have, on these lifes stages. Features Students are supported with a broad range of learning features and opportunities, including multiple-choice review questions, summary boxes, chapter quizzes and much more. The text takes a cultural approach with an ANZ and Asia-Pacific focus, using local examples, graphs, diagrams, maps, census data, citations and statistics, with particular focus on Indigenous Australian and Maori cultures. Students (and instructors) are provided tangible examples of how the theory relates to practice/industry promoting themes of career readiness and employability. Specifically, 'Apply Your Knowledge as a Professional' videos depict career professionals describing their jobs and explaining how a knowledge of human development and culture influence their work on a daily basis. Please note that videos are found in the Revel product. Samples Download the detailed table of contents Preview a sample chapter from Child Development: A Cultural Approach

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