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Lecture Notes on Human Physiology 5E

Lecture Notes on Human Physiology 5E

  • Author: Petersen, O.H. (Editor)
  • ISBN: 9781405136518
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Thoroughly revised and updated by a new international team of authors, the fifth edition of "Lecture Notes: Human Physiology" provides a practical, no-nonsense approach to physiology. The simple structure and systems-based approach remain, with a new clean layout for ease of reading and colour now incorporated to aid understanding. The new edition features more pathophysiology, a new chapter on pain and re-structured material on the cardiovascular system to provide a clear and accessible presentation of the principles underlying this broad subject. Contents: Preface 1. Cell Physiology 2. Cellular Communication 3. Introduction to the Nervous System 4. Signalling in the Nervous System 5. Muscle 6. Sensory Systems 7. Special Senses 8. Motor System 9. Higher Nervous Functions 10. Pain 11. Endocrine System 12. Reproduction 13. Blood 14. Introduction to the Cardiovascular System 15. Cardiovascular System-The Heart 16. Vascular System 17. Cardiovascular Regulation, Regional Circulation and Circulatory Adjustments 18. Respiration 19. Digestive System 20. Kidney 21. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance 22. Energy Metabolism 23. Temperature Regulation 24. Exercise Index

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