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Gardening Down - Under : A Guide to Healthier Soils and Plants

Gardening Down - Under : A Guide to Healthier Soils and Plants

  • Author: Handreck, K.
  • ISBN: 9780643066779
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This fully revised edition of Kevin Handreck's classic bestseller contains a wealth of information for practical gardeners. It will enable you to improve the worst of soils, choose the best fertiliser for particular plants, and minimise water use. It also contains a comprehensive guide to managing potted plants. It also covers the basics of soil, composting, fertilisers and potting mixes; as well as simple tests and colour guides to nutrient deficiencies. Gardening Down-Under covers much practical information that is essential for healthy soils and plants. Contents: Green plants * Soils * Chemistry for gardeners * Dealing with dead plants * Organic matter * Understanding fertilisers * Using fertilisers * Water * Gardening with salty water * Lawns * Growing plants in pots * Fertilisers for plants in pots * Gardening in pots - some practicalities * Index

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