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Weather & Climate of Australia & New Zealand, (2nd Revised Edition, 2005)

Weather & Climate of Australia & New Zealand, (2nd Revised Edition, 2005)

  • Author: Sturman, A. & Tapper, N.
  • ISBN: 9780195584660
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Comprehensively updated in it's 2nd edition, The Weather and Climate in Australia and New Zealand provides an introduction to the basic concepts underlying the science of the atmosphere from a Southern Hemisphere perspective, and establishes the global setting within which the weather and climate of Australia and New Zealand operate. The book introduces the basic science of the atmosphere, including its physical structure and composition, and the planetary circulation that lays the foundation for Australian weather and climate. The next section describes the characteristics f aim masses and atmospheric motion, explains the interactions that produce mid-latitude and tropical weather systems and discusses weather forecasting in this region. The book then focuses on selected aspects of the mesoscale, regional and local weather systems, and on climate patterns commonly observed across urban and rural areas of Australia and New Zealand. Finally, past climate change, contemporary variability and future scenarios are examined, and the possible links between human activity and climate variability are outlined, with particular emphasis on this region. New to this edition is the significant expansion of detail in chapter 4. Further explanation is given of atmospheric humidity and atmospheric stability, including more detail on the stability of layers of air. Extra material on orographic rainfall and some technical aspects, such as the adjustment of station level pressure measurement to sea level is also included. All other chapters have been updated with new material from recent research.

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