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Breastfeeding Answers - Pocket Guide 2E

Breastfeeding Answers Pocket Guide, Second Edition by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA was written for those who help lactating families. This much smaller version of Breastfeeding Answers, Second Editi..


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Communication Skills for Midwives : Challenges in Every Day Practice

"This book is easy to read and has relevant content for student midwives, with inclusion of reflective activities which are clear and appropriate. I particularly like the vignette's which are relevant..


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Communication: Core Interpersonal Skills for Healthcare Professionals (4th Edition, 2020)

Written by Gjyn O'Toole, Communication: Core Interpersonal Skills for Healthcare Professionals 4e is an essential guide to clear and effective communication in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting. ..


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Introducing Pharmacology: For Nursing and Healthcare

This third edition of Introducing Pharmacology provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the subject of pharmacology for nursing and healthcare students - and anyone needing to refresh their..


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Introduction to Research for Midwives 4E

k on VitalSource (Retail Access Card) k on VitalSource (Retail Access Card)..


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Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care 11E

Trust Lehne's to make pharmacology more approachable! Known for its clear explanations of drug prototypes and how they work, Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 11th Edition provides a solid unders..


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Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology: A Clinical Perspective (5th Revised edtion - paperback)

Learn to provide the best prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, and neonatal care possible. Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology: A Clinical Perspective, 5th Edition includes expert insight and clinica..


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Midwifery; Preparation for Practice 5ed + Eaq Access Card



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Navigating the Maze of Research: Enhancing Nursing and Midwifery Practice (5th Revised edition, 2019)

STUDENT QUOTE "I had always thought that publishing an article was the end of research, but now I realise how pivotal knowledge translation is to improving healthcare." Now in its fifth ..


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Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childbirth : Food for Thought

Making good nutritional choices can mean women optimise the outcomes of their birthing experience and offer their babies the best possible start in life. To support this, all health professionals who ..


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Pharmacology for Health Professionals, 6e

If you are worried that studying pharmacology will be difficult to apply to clinical practice, Pharmacology for Health Professionals is the book for you. Written by experienced health professional edu..


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Physiology in Childbearing: with Anatomy and Related Biosciences 4 Rev. Ed.

The new edition of Physiology in Childbearing with Anatomy and Related Biosciences continues to offer readers with a sound introduction to human biology as it relates to pregnancy and childbirth. The ..


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Skills for Midwifery Practice Australian & New Zealand Edition 2E

This text provides clear, easy-to-read guidance on more than 110 skills for midwifery students and midwives seeking to update their practice. Underpinned with the most recent evidence-based pra..


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Sustainability, Midwifery and Birth (2nd Edition, 2020)

This new edition outlines how sustainability can be incorporated into midwifery practice, education and research. It has been thoroughly revised to include new models of sustainable midwifery practice..


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Visual Anatomy & Physiology, Global Edition + Martini's Atlas of the Human Body 3E

This pack contains 1 copy of Visual Anatomy & Physiology, Global Edition and 1 copy of Martini's Atlas of the Human Body. Using Art Effectively with the Most Visual Approach to A&P Visual Anat..


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Whaiora : Maori Health Development 2E

This book documents progress in Maori health development over the past century with a special emphasis on the last fifteen years. This second edition updates the first by five years and takes account ..


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