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An Introduction to Economic Geography: Globalisation, Uneven Development and Place

In the context of great economic turmoil and uncertainty, the emergent conflict between continued globalisation and growing economic nationalism means that a geographical economic perspective has neve..


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Biogeography 5E

Biogeography, first published in 1983, is one of the most comprehensive text and general reference books in the natural sciences. The fifth edition builds on the strengths of previous editions to prov..


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Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach



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Boundary Layer Climates

This modern climatology textbook explains those climates formed near the ground in terms of the cycling of energy and mass through systems. ..


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Cities and Economic Change: Restructuring and Dislocation in the Global Metropolis

"An invaluable text for all those interested in cities and economic change. Empirically grounded, theoretically informed, and written in a highly accessible way to help students understand processes u..


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Conservation Biogeography

The Earth's ecosystems are in the midst of an unprecedented period of change as a result of human action. Many habitats have been completely destroyed or divided into tiny fragments, others have been ..


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Global Casino, The: An Introduction to Environmental Issues (6th Edition)

The Global Casino is an introduction to environmental issues which deals both with the workings of the physical environment and with the political, economic and social frameworks in which the issues o..


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Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment 4E

This highly respected and best-selling textbook provides an accessible, engaging and comprehensive introduction to the major topics within physical geography. It focuses on understanding the inter-lin..


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Key Concepts in Geomorphology



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Making a New Land: Environmental Histories of New Zealand

Making a New Land presents an interdisciplinary perspective on one of the most rapid and extensive transformations in human history: that which followed Maori and then European colonisation of New Zea..


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Social Geographies: From Difference to Action

## PLEASE CHECK PRICE AND AVALIABILITY BEFORE ORDERING ## This accessible textbook aims to be a stimulating introduction to contemporary social geography. It provides students with the tools to u..


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Statistical Methods for Geography: A Student's Guide (5th Edition, 2019)

Statistical Methods for Geography is the essential introduction for geography students looking to fully understand and apply key statistical concepts and techniques. Now in its fifth edition, this tex..


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Urban Regeneration in the UK

Striking transformations are taking place in the urban landscape. The regeneration of urban areas in the UK and around the world has become an increasingly important issue amongst governments and popu..


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Weather & Climate of Australia & New Zealand, (2nd Revised Edition, 2005)

Comprehensively updated in it's 2nd edition, The Weather and Climate in Australia and New Zealand provides an introduction to the basic concepts underlying the science of the atmosphere from a Souther..


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