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English Literature

A Visit From the Goon Squad

WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR FICTION NEW YORK TIMES TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2010 Jennifer Egan's spellbinding novel circles the lives of Bennie Salazar, an aging former punk rocker and rec..


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Another Way of Telling

'There are no photographs which can be denied. All photographs have the status of fact. what is to be examined is in what way photography can and cannot give meaning to facts.'..


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At the Back of the North Wind : Everyman's Library Children's Classics

With 13 children of his own clamouring for bedtime stories it isn't surprising that author George MacDonald discovered he had a gift for composing fairy tales. But these were fairy tales with a differ..


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Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

"The Autogiography of Alice B. Toklas" is in fact Gertrude Stein's own autobiography, seen through the eyes of her friend, Alice B Toklas. With occasional glimpses into her early life, it describes he..


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Black And Blue

Special edition of the award-winning Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES - includes exclusive extra material. 'Britain's best crime novelist' DAILY EXP..


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Bodily Harm

'As swift-moving as the best thriller, clipped and laconic, yet deeply and richly sensitive' - Sunday Telegraph Rennie Wilford, a young jounalist running from her life, takes an assignment to a C..


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Nothing remained to assure us that the adventure had not been an illusion of a moment but the young lady, who just at that moment opened her eyes...


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Casino Royale

There is only one Bond. Enjoy these intoxicating spy novels in stylish Vintage Classics editions. There's no better time to rediscover James Bond. Escape with the nation's favourite spy in t..


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City of Glass: The Graphic Novel

A late-night phone call from a stranger involves Quinn, a mystery writer, in a baffling murder case stranger than his novels, in a new edition of the Edgar-nominated graphic novel..


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The new paperback series- Penguin English Library The Penguin English Library Edition of Dracula by Bram Stoker 'Alone with the dead! I dare not go out, for I can hear the low howl of the wo..


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Driver's Seat, The

New to Modern Classics, published alongside The Ballad of Peckham Rye Lise has been driven to distraction by working in the same accountants' office for sixteen years. So she leaves everything be..


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Earthsea: The First Four Books

One of the classic works of fantasy by renowned writer of the genre, Ursula K. Le Guin. As a young dragonlord, Ged, whose use-name is Sparrowhawk, is sent to the island of Roke to learn the true way ..


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Edge of the Alphabet, The



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English Romantic Poetry: An Anthology

Rich selection of 123 poems by 6 great English Romantic poets: William Blake (24 poems), William Wordsworth (27 poems), Samuel Taylor Coleridge (10 poems), Lord Byron (16 poems), Percy Bysshe Shelley ..


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Hamlet: Folger Shakespeare Library (Paperback)

"Each edition includes: " - Freshly edited text based on the best early printed version of the play - Full explanatory notes conveniently placed on pages facing the text of the play - Scene..


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Heart of Darkness

Published alongisde other Conrad's works, on the 150th anniversary of his death Heart of Darkness has been considered for most of this century as a literary classic, and also as a powerful indict..


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Intensive Care



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Kidnapped: Penguin Classics

This is the story of sixteen-year-old David Balfour, an orphan, who after being kidnapped by his villainous uncle manages to escape and becomes involved in the struggle of the Scottish highlanders aga..


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Kiss of the Fur Queen

A lyrical tale of survival in a strange, hostile world "In his first novel, Kiss of the Fur Queen, noted playwright Tomson Highway tells the story of two Cree brothers who were severely abu..


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Long Drop, The

A thrilling literary suspense novel from the multi-award-winning crime writer 'A masterpiece by the woman who may be Britain's finest living crime novelist' Daily Telegraph 'Absorbing... t..


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Lord of the Rings

Continuing the story begun in The Hobbit, all three parts of the epic masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, in one paperback. Features the definitive edition of the text, fold-out flaps with the origina..


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The coming-of-age story of one of Jamaica Kincaid's most admired creations--newly available in paperback Lucy, a teenage girl from the West Indies, comes to North America to work as an au pair f..


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North & South : Penguin Classics Edition

This is one of the earliest novels of industrial alienation, tellingly linked to the plight of 19th-century women. It tells of the relationship between Margaret Hale, a girl from the old rural south, ..


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Based on the author's own experiences, this award-winning novel was the first to tell the story of the evacuation, relocation, and dispersal of Canadian citizens of Japanese ancestry during the Second..


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Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms 4E

The bestselling Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms provides clear and concise definitions of the most troublesome literary terms, from abjection to zeugma. It is an essential reference tool for stude..


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Persuasion (Oxford World's Classics)

'She had been forced into prudence in her youth, she learned romance as she grew older - the natural sequel of an unnatural beginning.' Anne Elliot seems to have given up on present happiness and has..


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First time in Modern Classics Welcome to America at the turn of the twentieth century, where the rhythms of ragtime set the beat. Harry Houdini astonishes audiences with magical feats of escape, ..


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Rivals, The

Immensely popular comedy of manners featuring such memorable characters as the lovely Lydia Languish, her suitor, Capt. Jack Absolute; and Lydia's aunt - Mrs. Malaprop, cleverly revolves around false ..


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The Complete Fairy Tales

'Oh grandmama, what great big teeth you have!' Charles Perrault's versions gave classic status to the humble fairy tale, and it is in his telling that the stories of Little Red Riding-Hood, Sleeping ..


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The Surgeon of Crowthorne

Simon Winchester's The Surgeon of Crowthorne was an international bestseller and tells an extraordinary true story of murder, madness and an extraordinary friendship in the nineteenth century. It is t..


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The Turn of the Screw

A new edition of James's chilling novella, edited by David Bromwich 'The apparition had reached the landing half-way up and was therefore on the spot nearest the window where, at the sight of me,..


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White Noise

'An extraordinarily funny book on a serious subject, effortlessly combining social comedy, disaster, fiction and philosophy ...hilariously, and grimly, successful' Daily Telegraph Jack Gladney is the ..


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